Damaged Angel

by The Scratchy Towel Band

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90% of these are songs from other albums with different named but if you get the songs anywhere else you gotta pay so

Damaged Angel was born in Equestria, one of the fanciest places in the world. She had pink, oh so beautiful, mane, and white skin. She was born an unicorn with absolutely no power. While growing up, her parents died in a.. car accident, and she only had her brother, Heartless Soul, who she dearly loved. Heartless Soul had a black heart with blood on it as a cutiemark, yet, he wasn't as heartless as he looked like. He of course, was an emo. He cut all the time, and kept saying he had depression, overall it was fascinating how he didn't die. As Damaged Angel grew up more, she started listening to Black Pony Brides, Panic at The Library!, Sleeping with the Ponies, Twenty one Ponies, and so much more. She started becoming suicidal as ponies on the internet cyberbullied her and she started to cut, even more than her brother did. She loved her razor. She couldn't live without it. She got scars that became permanent, and so, her cutiemark became a razor, in a type of way. Her talent was cutting, which she does all the time. Heartless Soul actually died from blood loss, and oh, how much did she cry. She stopped caring about the world, yet, Celestia and Luna came down and gave her wings, and so she became an alicorn. She became the princess of cutting, and was loved by many, she was also very popular in everyplace, Manehatten, Equestria, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc. She decided to kill Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Flurry Heart and Twilight, take over the entire world, making everypony cut, become depressed and suicidal. She is omnipotent, and does not take any damage from simple, casual ponies.


released April 28, 2016



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The Scratchy Towel Band Georgia

This Scratchy Towel band consists of five lovely animated people! Three of which actually do music things! We do original music and covers! Mostly either electronic or rock! Gladly do commissions too!

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