Little Mogo

by The Scratchy Towel Band



As some of you must know, we have a lot of charity connections!
We're working with SlenderChance, a charity for a girl with schizophrenia.
She's only 14, yet all this trouble started when she was 12 years old...

This album consists of the songs we've already and haven't yet released that are directly connected to her. You may have heard a few on our other albums.

A portion of the money goes to the charity!


released December 19, 2016



all rights reserved


The Scratchy Towel Band Georgia

This Scratchy Towel band consists of five lovely animated people! Three of which actually do music things! We do original music and covers! Mostly either electronic or rock! Gladly do commissions too!

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Track Name: Little Mogo
This is the first song we did after being connected with Little Mogo's mother.
Track Name: Happy Birthday, Mogo
There's no window in your room
You’re sealed away in a tomb
But we all still love you
We all still love you
One day you’ll be free
One day they will see
You’re just little Mogo
You’re just little Mogo

We miss you
On the outside
We want to know
You’ll be alright
You’re all victims here
Just don’t let yourself disappear
Happy birthday
Little Mogo
Track Name: Fat Chance
Come to cry at a warriors death
When a girl breathed her first breath
A hint of anger in her sighing
When a girls baby starts crying
Can the Gods grant the wish of a child
Let the nights cold air turn mild
And let this angel go home
And let this baby girls sleep alone

Say goodbye to simpler days
Could of swarn I’ve heard her say
I loved her every single day
In every possible way
But the nights darker lately
And its effecting her greatly
Nothing left for her to complain on
So she’ll just walk and drain on

Soft and sweetly
Kinda creepy
Sugary Candys
Find and dandy
Washing her hair
Getting a scare
As she cries
While saying goodbye

Thats my baby
(Not anymore)
So just maybe
(We’ve said before)
Let me meet her
(That’s a fat chance)
Sick and tired of the way they treat her

Thinking back but now she’s too old
(Baby girl caught her first cold)
To remember her mothers hold
(Coughing she spoke bold)
But that’s okay now
She cant remember her own face anyhow
Track Name: We're Cheering For You
French Horn, Accordion - Hedd Stone
Trombone - Dusty Stone
Drums, Organ Vox - Diet Soda
Sub Bass, Composer, Director - Scratchy Towel