Freaking Out

by The Scratchy Towel Band

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A concept album we did up about two friends with benefits.
After both a pregnancy scare and a HIV scare, after freaking out, the man realized it was all okay if she was pregnant or gave him an STI because he was in love with her. After finding this out, he tells her girl and it seems they have different feelings...


released August 10, 2016

SilenceKills (Piano Instrumentals)
Bronwyn (The voice of the girl)
BradoSanz (I'll know how it feels Instrumentals)
CoD2Pac(When I Smiled It Was Real piano Instrumentals)



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The Scratchy Towel Band Georgia

This Scratchy Towel band consists of five lovely animated people! Three of which actually do music things! We do original music and covers! Mostly either electronic or rock! Gladly do commissions too!

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Track Name: Scratchy&Bronwyn - What We Are
Are we together?
I’m not sure what we are
(what we are)
If i protect her
Who would protect me?
(that’s just the way we are...)

So now her mom is freaking out
She thinks she might be pregnant
But it goes so much deeper
Than that

And now her dad wants to kill me
And his daughter wants to thrill me
But I’m not sure what I can do
People are asking me questions
I don’t know the answers
And I don’t know if I’m still with you
But its okay, we’ll be okay
But I don’t know how you can say
We’ll be okay, we’ll be okay
In what possible freaking way?
*Music Break*
The skies are clearer
But I don’t know where we are
It’s growing in you
When we went too far
I’m trying my best
but its too hard
Track Name: Hands
Her Hand's were too good to be real.
Probably cause it wasn't
Track Name: Scratchy&Bronwyn - Spit It Out
Hello... is everything okay
Yeah, I wanted to call you to say...
Say something? Its 2 am
I’m sorry, should I call again?
Of course not,
is everything alright?
Just spit it out
I don’t want to fight...
Sorry, so go ahead and tell me
Before my clock turns to three
I wanted to say
These weeks have been fun
All the things that we’ve had
Being on the run
The dates at day,
The nights we made love
Talking about the future
All we can think of
Our past is dark
Our future is bright
Just spit out out!
I don’t want to fight...
Is that why you’re up this late
Just to call me?
Actually there’s something wrong with me
And you should get checked out just to be safe

Track Name: "Just Friends"
What are we?
Just friends.
Track Name: Scratchy, Bronwyn, CoD2Pac - When I Smiled It Was Real
(And so I found)
Its not like I’m a toy my heart matters too
(That wasn’t true)
I should of known that our love wasn’t true
(I swear to god its not a lie)
But I’ll be damned I fell in love with you
(You’re all I had I never realized)
But you acted like you never knew
(Now I’m someone you despise)
Remember when I heart would beat right next to you?
(It would beat in sync with mine)
Because the love I had was true
(You were always on my mind)
I did all that I can do
(And I understand why)
I’ll be damned I fell in love with you
(All the times I made you cry.. I’m sorry for those)
Both :I’m sorry for those
You tore my heart out and it wasn’t nice!
(I didn’t mean to I swear!)
Your soft grin soon turned to ice!
(I didn’t mean to I swear.... you know I still try to care)
But I hate, and I fell in love with you
(I’m sorry...)
Fucking hate that I fell in love with you
(I’m sorry...)
Both : But if thats really how you (I) feel... I want you to know when I smiled it was real
(I want you to know when I smiled it was real)
Well I hope you know when I cried it was real
Track Name: I Found Myself Alone
He left her. What else is there?
Track Name: Scratchy&SilenceKills - Waste Of Time
She was too "handy" at the start
She was all hands
But she had no heart
But in the end
(She was a waste of time)
We were still friends
At the start
(She was such a waste of time)
But now its the end
And there was
No heart

I'm Fine!
She was a waste of my time!
I wasted time...
On her....
I'm fine...
She was a waste of my time!
I've wasted time on her

But I'm fine...
"We'll be fine"
And In time
I hope she finds
What she was looking for
What she didn't find in me
I just wish I could of seen

(When she smiled it was real?
I don't know how to feel
About her anyway...
All I can say!)

She was a waste of time!
She was a waste of my time!
I've wasted time (freaking out about) on her
I'm fine!
She was a waste of my time
I've wasted time
On her...
But I'm fine

"We'll be fine"